I believe that investors who have been paying attention to the dynamics of the digital currency field must be familiar with Simplex. But maybe many people don't know what Simplex is for. Let us also directly understand what Simplex is.

First of all, Simplex is a payment company that mainly provides fiat currency and cryptocurrency transaction services, and it is also a reputable payment company. In December of last year, Simplex, a payment company headquartered in Israel, has become a major member of Visa in Europe. According to Simplex, as a B2B company, this qualification will allow Simplex to issue Visa debit cards to its customers, including some popular crypto exchanges and wallet companies.

Simplex CEO Nimrod Lehavi said that the company has been cooperating with Visa for a long time, and the main membership will help it further increase the application of encryption technology. He mentioned that our partners can let their users make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. After Simplex launched a new banking service a few months ago, this collaboration with Visa will enable crypto companies to provide local and global payment methods for their users. Lehavi said that offering Visa cards is the company's next step, which will help its partners develop users.

In addition, Wirex, a well-known crypto card issuer, has also obtained Visa's main membership in Europe. Lehavi said that the key difference between the two lies in these points. Simplex’s membership is focused on improving the broader ecosystem, granting accessibility throughout our network of partners and enabling them to provide branded card services to their users. And Cuy Sheffield, Visa's senior director and head of cryptocurrency, expressed his pleasure to cooperate with leading financial technology companies like Simplex. And believe that they are helping to achieve simple, safe, and compliant conversion between cryptocurrency and legal currency, and can consume these funds in Visa's more than 60 million merchant network.

How to use Simplex to buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

On April 27, 2021, the well-known crypto exchange ZB.com officially announced its integration and cooperation with Simplex. According to official sources, ZB.com announced its cooperation with Simplex, a payment institution licensed by the European Union, to allow users to use Visa and Mastercard to purchase BTC, ETH and other mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Currently Simplex supports more than 50 local currencies, including the U.S. dollar, euro, ruble, pound sterling, yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and South Korean won. Now, users all over the world can use fiat currency to seamlessly purchase cryptocurrency on ZB.com.

The specific process is as follows:

Choose Credit card to buy from Buy Crypto.


Then enter the amount of money, and select Simplex from the bottom.


In this way, you can use Simplex to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.